David Schofield


David Schofield was born in 1951, in Manchester, England. He was one of ten children in a working-class family. His first acting experience was at Manchester boy's school at the age of 12. In 1967, he was accepted as student assistant stage manager at a local repertory theatre. He started on the lowest step of the ladder and worked in every department as a prop-maker, sound-man, writer, stage sweeper, waiter and tea-maker, putting in 14-hour days, six days a week. After two seasons, at the age of 19, he became a student of the London academy of Music and Dramatic art, which he left early to pursue his path as a working actor. He made a successful career in television, earning numerous credits in popular TV series such as Femme$ de footballeurs (2002) and Holby City (1999), among many other TV productions. On the big screen, David Schofield is best known as "Falco" in Gladiátor (2000), as "McQueen" in Z pekla (2001), and as "Mr. Mercer" in Piráti z Karibiku - Prokletí Cerné perly (2003) and the sequel, Piráti z Karibiku II (2006). Schofield is also billed as "Mercer" in the third installment of the "Pirates" franchise, Piráti z Karibiku III (2007). Schofield's distinguished stage career has seen the actor performing for the Royal Shakespeare Company and a long association with the Royal National Theatre. He also acted in musicals and straight plays on the West End stage in London. During his 30-year acting career, he maintains the same agent. David Schofield has been enjoying a happy life with his wife, Lally Percy and their children, Fred Schofield and Blanche Schofield. He is currently residing in England.


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